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If you wish to join the Bennett Valley Community Association (BVCA), please fill in the form below and click "Join/Update" to join and subscribe to our newsletter "The Bennett Valley VOICE". You will then be taken to the "Pay for Dues/Donate" page, on which you can pay by debit or credit card (a PayPal account is not necessary in order to pay by debit or credit card).

If you are just renewing your membership and don't need to change the information we have for you on file, all you need to do it pay your dues on the "Pay for Dues/Donate" page.

If you are already a subscriber or member, and wish to update your information: 

  1. Please fill in this form, click "Join/Update",
  2. You'll see a confirmation that you've already subscriber and be presented with a link that says "Click here to update your profile", and then
  3. Check your email. You will be sent a link you update your records. Click that and you'll see a form containing your current information.
  4. Review and change your information as appropriate and click "Update Profile".

Sorry for the four step process, but it's necessary to keep out hackers/spammers and protect your information.

Membership runs on a calendar year basis.

Annual BVCA Membership dues are $20 per household per year to receive the Bennett Valley VOICE via email.

We encourage you to add any extra donations you can, to better enable us to pursue our collective mission.

For any questions, please call our Membership Coordinator: Larissa Goliti - 578-3453

Sign up for the Bennett Valley EMAIL ALERT!  

In October, 2010, our BV Email Alert was sent to the 300 email addresses we had, to alert the community about a number of BV burglaries during that month.

In April, 2009, when a man was frequently following women driving cars at night in Bennett Valley, we had to send a BV Alert by mail (with the added cost of postage) because we had so few email addresses then.

We will also send out a very limited number of important notices of upcoming events, county hearings, etc. to the Email Alert list.

Click here to sign up or manage your Email Alert Subscription.

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