Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Planning

Neighborhood Alert and Planning is a key component for being prepared, helping your family, your neighbors and your community when disaster strikes. More about real online casino Canada on mapleleafonlinecasino.com!

The Bennett Valley Emergency Preparedness Program is organizing neighborhoods for preparedness.  The program includes:

  1. Selecting a safe shelter site
  2. Locating emergency storage for first aid supplies, shelter supplies, tools and equipment to be used when disaster strikes.
  3. Communications with walkie-talkies and Ham radio that will be a key component of preparedness when traditional forms of communications are not available.
  4. Each neighborhood will have a damage assessment team that will survey roads and bridges after a disaster.  These teams will remove debris and report on any downed power and communication lines.  They will assess bridges for damage and report on their safety.
  5. Neighborhood alert teams will report on injuries, damage to persons and property.
  6. Large Animal and pet rescue teams will help transfer animals to safety.

Learn how you can help your family and neighbors.

Be Prepared!

Contact Karen Sommer at 528-8982  or email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anyone can become a member of the Bennett Valley Community Association.  

For more information please see our FAQs.

See the Bennett Valley CERT Video on YouTube

Online Version of the Bennett Valley Brochure

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BVCA Mission

  • To build a sense of community in Bennett Valley by serving as an open forum for community participation;
  • To provide information on local environmental and land use issues and encourage communication between residents and government agencies with the goal of promoting and preserving the rural character and natural environment of Bennett Valley;
  • To educate and provide resources that enable disaster and emergency preparedness.

The Bennett Valley Community Association is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit.