Our New Fire Chief Mark Heine’s Presentation to the BVCA and BV Guild

Fire Chief Mark Heine gave an interesting presentation to our community on July 18.  Captain Heine and Fire Prevention Officer Cyndi Foreman outlined their plan to meet our needs for fire protection and prevention. Click here to view his presentation.

As part of his presentation Fire Chief Heine shared a video from the County Sheriff's Helicopter, Henry 1, of a recent grass fire on Shiloh Canyon Road. What's especially frightening is the fountain of embers dispersed downwind when the fire hit a grove of Oak Trees. Oaks used to be resistant to fire, but with all the recent droughts and the impact of Sudden Oak Death Disease, they've now become a tinderbox. Be sure to view that in the video at 2 minutes in. The Video is posted on Facebook here. You can see additional fire videos include the recent Redwood Hills Fire on the Sheriff's Facebook page here.

You can also like and follow the Fire District's Facebook page here.