Bennett Valley Cellars

BVC_email_logo1Bennett Valley Cellars has applied for a permit to offer small walking tours of its vineyards at 5757 Bennett Valley Road (near Grange Road) with the occasional consumption of wine produced from its vineyards. All visitors will come by van and the tours will operate only during good weather months. These tours will just be an additional stop on tours that already visit Mantanzas Creek Winery.

A more complete description of the project can be found here and notification from the PRMD can be found in the PDFs below.

Owner Luca Zanin encourages anyone with questions or concerns to call him at 707-975-6766

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BVCA Mission

  • To build a sense of community in Bennett Valley by serving as an open forum for community participation;
  • To provide information on local environmental and land use issues and encourage communication between residents and government agencies with the goal of promoting and preserving the rural character and natural environment of Bennett Valley;
  • To educate and provide resources that enable disaster and emergency preparedness.

The Bennett Valley Community Association is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit.